First question you have to ask yourself is how many cigars you plan to keep in your humidor. The key to the humidor working properly is keeping it full. We have humidors that range in capacity from 5 cigars to 200 cigars. The upper scale humidors use Spanish cedar which is the best product for regulating humidity for a very long time.

Prices range from $20 for a small travel humidor to $2000 for a Manning or Elie Bleu humidor. The Elie Bleu and Manning boxes are made much better ranging from thicker wood, hand fitted corners, vapor barriers and overall material and craftsmanship unmatched in the industry.  

Next step down would be the Diamond Crown humidors which range from $200 to $600. Performance is very good, and they look great as well.
The Savoy and the Craftsman's Bench boxes are more budget oriented. These boxes we have found have the best quality and performance for $80 to $300. They use a vapor barrier in the base so the brick will last at least 30 days. They are our most popular humidor.

When you first buy a humidor you want to season the box. There are several explanations on the Internet that are not all correct. Wiping the walls with water is not a good idea because water can be retained in the cedar lining and create mold. The best thing to do is to fill your brick with water, place it in the box for 5 days and then refill the brick with water and then put all of your cigars in the box and you're in business. Refilling the brick every 30 days is the best rule of thumb.

We also offer the Boveda system, which are packets that keep your humidor at the designated humidity level on that particular packet. They are a two way humidification system which means they will neither over humidify, nor under humidify your cigars. They range from 65%, 69%, 72%, 75% and 85%.  The 85 is used for seasoning and the others are used depending on which cigars you are keeping. Typically cigars like Opus X like it down around 65%, and light shade wrapper cigars like Davidoff like it  up around 72% to 75%.

The best rule of thumb is anywhere from 68% to 72% and keep in the box in your house. Cigars like it cold, around 70 degrees faranheight, is the most ideal tempurature.  So if you can get a pair of 70's, you should always have great cigars!


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